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Writer's Block: Shhhh

Would you ever go on a silent retreat? How long do you think you could go without talking?

Writer's Block: How Soon Is Now?

What scientific or medical breakthrough do you most want to happen in your lifetime?
We need to get up to Europa. You know there's life up there. Let's kill it.

Writer's Block: Timely Departures

If you could jump in a time machine and travel back to any point in history, where would you go?
 I wouldn't be traveling backward in time, that's for sure. I know what happened. I'd travel a few billion years into the future when our galaxy intertwines with the Canis Major  (our neighbor galaxy). The sky will be a star gazers dream. Another thing that would be cool is some few million years before it collides with our galaxy is that we'll be able to actually see Canis Major  in our night sky.

we're so fucked.

Writer's Block: A Little Green

Top o' the morning to you! Has anyone ever pinched you for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day?

fuck those assholes.

Water polo

USA Water Polo

Football makes you dumb. In Hockey, people are only hoping for a fight. A sport that takes twice the amount of endurance and includes all the action is a sport that is not often seen up here in Michigan, Water Polo.  Water polo is a grueling struggle to be stronger than the other team. If your opponent is more physically powerful than you, you are going to be thrown all around in the water. Nevertheless, working is half the fun; and, if you’re the stronger one, it’s all the more enjoyable.

The first thing people should know about water polo are the basic rules. People should also know that it is one of the toughest sports to play. One of the basic rules is that the players are not allowed to touch the bottom of the pool at all during game play. If you push off the bottom, the ball is turned over to the other team. Second basic rule is that you can catch the ball with only one hand. A long with catching, you must pass with one hand, shoot with one hand and pretty much everything else with one hand. If you touch the ball with two hands, the ball is turned over to the other team.

There are a lot of complex rules. The first time you go to a game, I can guarantee that you will not understand what is going on. A lot of people don't understand how fouls work. Basically, the basic fouls state; you can not interfere too much with any player if they are not holding the ball. If the player does have the ball in hand, the defender is then allowed to hold, block and even pull the opponent.  So if you are holding or pulling on an opponent with the ball and then the opponent drops the ball, it is then a foul and the defender has to back off his opponent and let them pass the ball. If the foul has been committed outside the five-meter line, the offensive player may also attempt a direct shot on goal, but the shot must be taken immediately and in one continuous motion. On the other hand, offensive players may be called for a foul by pushing off a defender to provide space for a pass or shot.
                There are many other types of fouls. The worst foul a player can commit, the one that affects your team the most, is known as a brutality foul. A brutality is called when a player kicks or strikes an opponent or official with malicious intent. The player who is charged with a brutality is excluded from the game for four minutes and the team is forced to play with one less player than the other team for that duration. A lot of things justify an exclusion foul. To interfere with the taking of a free throw, goal throw or corner throw will result in an exclusion foul. Also, to hold, sink or pull back an opponent who is not holding or touching the ball will result in an exclusion foul. There are a few others but what an exclusion foul means is
that the player must leave the field of play and move to the penalty area for twenty seconds.

You may be wondering what I meant by “outside the five-meter line”. Around the perimeter of the pool, there are different colored cones set up. White cones are placed at the goal line and half distance line. Red cones are placed two meters from goal lines to represent the re-entry area. When a player is kicked out for an exclusion foul, the excluded player shall move to the re-entry area nearest to the player’s own goal line without leaving the water. Yellow cones are placed five meters from goal lines. The yellow cones represent the limit in which one can shoot when fouled. As explained earlier, if an offensive player is fouled outside the five-meter line (yellow cones) he is allowed to shoot without hesitation.

In the pool, each team has seven players playing during the quarters. Each team has a goalie, a hole set, a center back, and four drivers. The goalie has the obvious job of attending the net, but is one of the hardest positions to play. A goalie has to be able to jump out of the water, using more than one's core and legs, and hold the vertical position without sinking into the water, all while tracking and anticipating a shot. The next toughest position, the person that gets beat on the most, is the hole set. He is the position front and center and basically has to wrestle with the “hole D” for a good position to get the ball. If the ball does get set to the hole, he is then pretty much expecting to be fouled and thus looking for the drivers to be open for a shot. And staying above the defender and being open for the shot is, in the simplest sense, what a driver does.
                I think you’re ready to jump in there. Trying to understand the rules on just paper is extremely difficult in the case of water polo. The only way to understand the rules and regulations fully is by getting in there and trying out the sport yourself. Most new people to the sport quit because the rules are hard to understand and the game is so tough. However, if you can break that barrier, the game is so fun and exciting. It is my favorite sport to play; the tough part is the fun part.



Writer's Block: Deal or No Deal

What's on your list of dealbreakers when it comes to romantic relationships?
Brad Paisley says whammy bars are for sissys

Writer's Block: Animal Instinct

What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?
Either a megatherium or a glyptodon. but i guess most people would say that...

Writer's Block: Five-Finger Discount

Have you ever stolen something and gotten away with it? Did you feel guilty about it later?
I'm hard as Rod Tidwell. I steal milk all the time from the school cafeteria. I'm a survivor, bitch. Don't front.

Writer's Block: Sounds Good to Me

Persnickety, flibbertigibbet, lollygag—some words are just more fun to say. What's your favorite word?

Writer's Block: Dream Trip

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to the Island of Naboomboo. Of course, if I went, I wouldn't be allowed to people because there's no peopleing at all on the island. I'd try to join in a soccer team there, but only the orange team... not those pussy blue guys. We don't like those kind 'round here. 

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